Sermon Recap 2.16.14

live it love it light it upHere is the recap from Week 1 of Live it. Love it. Light it up!


Text: 1 John 1:5-2:2

From the Message:

  • Two things we need to understand: 1) Satan wants to keep you in darkness. He hates you and wants to destroy you. 2) God loves you and wants to set you free.
  • The cause of darkness is DECEPTION.
  • DECEPTION: God did this to me. TRUTH: I did this to me.
  • There is no darkness in God. He is not the author of sin nor does He cause darkness in a person’s life.
  • Darkness comes from our own hearts.
  • The saying, “Everything happens for a reason” is theologically hollow. Yes, everything happens for a reason, and the reason is we are stupid and sinful.
  • DECEPTION: I can be a Christian and still practice sin. TRUTH: I am saved from both the PENALTY and the POWER of sin. 
  • Two ways that you know you are saved: You will see a change in both your BELIEFS and your BEHAVIOR.
  • It is impossible to “walk in the light” and sin at the same time.
  • Jesus saved you so that you wouldn’t have to sin. He DESTROYED the power of sin over our lives.
  • To say we have no power over sin is to say that the power of the cross is limited.
  • Sin is a POSSIBILITY for the believer but it is no longer a PROBABILITY.
  • Jesus gives us power of temptations, strongholds, and sin.
  • DECEPTION: I don’t have any sin in my life. TRUTH: I humbly practice confession and repentance.
  • We are to CONFESS our sin, not CAMOUFLAGE it.
  • Nothing has every been done TO YOU or BY YOU that is greater than what Christ did FOR YOU on the cross.
  • DECEPTION: I deny my sin. TRUTH: I confront my sin.
  • If we read the Bible with an open heart it should drive us to our knees.
  • Do you avoid parts of the Bible? Avoiding God’s word is choosing to remain in darkness.
  • We have one hope, one solution and one answer to our sin problem: JESUS.
  • Jesus FORGIVES and Jesus EMPOWERS.