Sermon Recap 3.2.14

man with dummySermon Series: Live it. Love it. Light it up!

Sermon Title: Family Values

Text: 1 John 2:12-17

Worship Set List: Marvelous Light, Forever Reign, Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone), You are Holy (original song by Travis Shaw), Glorious Day

From the Message:

  • Just as members of a family go through stages in their physical and developmental growth, so do members of a spiritual family grow through spiritual stages of spiritual maturity.
  • In order to grow and mature a family must share some common values.
  • We are all part of the same FAMILY, with the same FATHER, and we share a common ENEMY.
  • We are called to love the WORD, not the WORLD.
  • John calls us to share FIVE VALUES:
  • We must value GRACE.
  • Every member needs to grow in an atmosphere of love, encouragement, and grace.
  • No matter what stage we are in we are FORGIVEN and IN CHRIST.
  • We need to remember that we are all fighting on the same team in the same battle. We need to point our weapons at our ENEMY, not EACH OTHER.
  • We must value MATURITY.
  • We must value the mature as well as the process of maturity.
  • The mature don’t just know ABOUT God, they KNOW God.
  • What are you doing to grow and who are you learning from?
  • We must value PASSION.
  • The younger generation of believers offer INSIGHT, PASSION, and CLARITY.
  • The younger generation helps us to wrestle with TRUTH in the context of our TIMES.
  • We must value BOUNDARIES.
  • Boundaries must keep out the extremes of LEGALISM and LICENSE.
  • Just because something is NATURAL does not mean it is GOOD.
  • We must value the ETERNAL.
  • As we minister we will always aim for PROCESS over PROGRAMS.
  • Leadership in the church is for the spiritually mature. It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or the CLEANING LADY.