Sermon Recap 2.23.14

live it love it light it upHere is a recap of week 2 of our current series: LIVE IT. LOVE IT. LIGHT IT UP!


Text: 1 John 2:3-11

Outline: 1) Loving God means OBEYING GOD. 2) Loving others means BUILDING BRIDGES (not burning bridges).

From the message:

  • What people CLAIM isn’t always what they LIVE.
  • We know that we are in Him if we Love God and Love Others.
  • There is a difference between POSITION (my official stance) and PASSION (my actual lifestyle)
  • Loving God means I move from “What do I want?” to What does GOD want?”.
  • We struggle to obey because we struggle with who God is. When we realize that God is love and light and wants what’s His best for us, it is easy to obey.
  • Obedience proves WHO and WHAT you love.
  • Obedience acknowledges God’s sovereignty over my life.
  • Obedience leads to blessing.
  • Obedience mirrors the life of Christ.
  • Obedience nourishes ALL of our relationships.
  • Obedience reveals our destiny.
  • What is your next step of obedience?
  • How many times do I have to forgive someone? How many times do YOU want to be forgiven?
  • Hatred attempts to undo what Christ did on the cross.
  • The command to love is a command to work at relationships that have gone wrong.
  • It’s okay to be disappointing or frustrated at someone, but it is not okay to hate them. Shutting them out is hating them.
  • The mark of a disciple is LOVE.
  • You can be truthful without being hateful.
  • Feelings follow action, not the other way around. JUST DO IT!
  • Two anchors for your life are TRUTH and LOVE.