A New Journey…

This past July I assumed responsibilities as the Senior Pastor of LifeJourney Church in Pelzer, SC. I am excited, humbled, and overwhelmed with the privilege and responsibility that God has laid on me! I… Continue reading

Why The Wesleyan Church is Wrong on Alcohol: Part 2

A while back I wrote an article on why The Wesleyan Church is wrong on alcohol and recently received a couple of new comments. You can read the article and comments here. One… Continue reading

5 reasons why The Wesleyan Church is wrong on alcohol

I wrote in a previous blog that The Wesleyan Church is wrong on the issue of alcohol. Specifically, it is wrong to expect total abstinence from alcohol for covenant members. Here are five… Continue reading

ten things you should never say while a student at swu

10. “The budget for the music department is way too high”. 9. “Do we have time for a smoke before class?” 8. “Is there real wine in the communion cups?” 7. “My main source was… Continue reading