More on Pride…

This past Sunday at LifeJourney we began a new sermon series called SEVEN.  Here are a few thoughts from the first deadly sin….pride: If we are going to defeat pride, we have to… Continue reading

Andy Stanley at the NLC…

Here is a summary of Andy Stanley’s talk at NewSpring’s Leadership Conference… The church always has a natural gravitational pull away from what God wants for it… Toward insiders and away from outsiders. Toward… Continue reading

How Do You Feel About Authority?

There are a lot of things about the current culture that bothers believers: sexual looseness, drugs, alcohol, homosexuality…etc. But what bothers me the most is the culture’s lack of respect for authority. Unfortunately,… Continue reading

Great vid from Francis Chan…

Here is a great clip of Francis Chan. Love how this guy makes everything simple! Francis Chan

Looking back at Sunday, August 29th…

Here are some random thoughts about yesterday… Great service yesterday! Greg and Heidi did an awesome job and you could really see the imprint God has left on their hearts for the people… Continue reading

Looking back at Sunday…

Here is a review and some random thoughts on this past Sunday… Seven people made decisions for Jesus Christ yesterday! THAT is why we are here!! I am so thankful for the team… Continue reading

Church Hopping

Church Hopping is something that is always on a pastor’s mind.  I recently read a blog by Perry Noble on the subject and it got my juices flowing. You can read that here.… Continue reading

Looking Back at Sunday…

My thoughts on yesterday’s service… We are so blessed to have the worship team we have at LifeJourney! I always sense the presence of the Holy Spirit when those guys are leading us.… Continue reading


Here is a teaser for our August 22nd service at LifeJourney. If you are a member of LifeJourney Church you DO NOT want to miss this service! You also DO NOT want to miss… Continue reading

Alcohol Part 3

Here is my final say on the alcohol debate… I’m not going to continue to argue the non-essentials. Virgin Birth? Resurrection? Trinity? Yes, I’ll argue those. The moderate drinking of alcohol? No. So… Continue reading