Come and See

We are excited @ LifeJourney Church to be teaching through The Gospel of John during 2012!. Quinn did an amazing job last week of taking us through John 1:19-34. Quinn taught us that just like… Continue reading

Peeking Over The Table

When my son Micah was around 1 year old, I was a bi-vocational pastor working 30 hours a week as a school bus driver. I would usually get home a little after 5PM while Noralee was… Continue reading

I, Me, Mine: A “Personal Relationship” with Jesus Christ…

One of the most misused and abused statements in modern Christianity is “a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.” Do I have your attention? Good. This is the phrase most often used to describe our… Continue reading


Yesterday at LifeJourney we unveiled our vision for discipleship. It is the Leadership Team’s conviction that LifeGroups are the best way to fulfill The Great Commandment and The Great Commission.  LifeGroups are a group of 8-16 people… Continue reading

Singleness & Marriage

I said something in my message yesterday that I think may have caused some confusion, and wanted to clarify. I was talking about legacy, marriage, children, and singleness. I mentioned that singleness is… Continue reading

Super Bowl Thoughts

Congrats to the Packers! They played a great game. I honestly thought the Steelers would win, and here’s why… The Steelers front seven got totally whipped! I didn’t think there was an offensive… Continue reading

The “Problem” with Conferences…

Recently my denomination held a ministry conference for pastors and their spouses. Although I didn’t attend, many of my friends and colleagues did, and have returned with positive reports. Like most conferences my buddies have come… Continue reading

Seeing Beyond Ourselves…”I like a small church”.

This past Sunday we began a new series at LifeJourney entitled GIVE ME YOUR EYES. We want you to see yourself, the world, others, and your wealth the way God sees it. We… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Sex…baby!

This past Sunday I preached on lust and sexual temptation. Apparently one of my “minor” comments got a lot of attention! I basically said the following… “Sexual temptation is even stronger for men… Continue reading

Sunday Recap 10/24/10

Here are my thoughts on Sunday… Yesterday was Breast Cancer Awareness Sunday at LifeJourney… Everybody looked great in pink, the video was awesome, we raised some money for research, and we celebrated with… Continue reading