Sunday Recap 5.4.14



Text: James 1:19-27

Main Idea: An Authentic Believer is one who receives AND responds to the Word of God.

Setlist: The Greatness of Our God, Forever Reign, How Great Thou Art, The Rock Won’t Move

From the Message:

  • RECEIVE the Word.
  • As we go through tests and trials tensions will escalate. We need an anchor in those times and that is anchor is the Word of God.
  • However, we must RECEIVE the Word correctly. We must “hear” it.
  • “Hear it” means that we seek to understand and obey.
  • Anger will prevent us from receiving the Word correctly.
  • If you let anger rule over you instead of the Word of God you will reap Wickedness instead of Righteousness.
  • This process of maturity cannot happen unless we see sin for what it is, quit justifying it, and decide to reject it.
  • Four barriers to “hearing”‘: (1) A lack of discipline. (2) Using an outdated translation (3) No accountability
  • RESPOND to the Word. 
  • Just like pedaling a bicycle the believer must HEAR and DO in order to be authentic. If you only use one pedal you will not go as FAR or as FAST as God desires.
  • Reading and studying have no profit if we do not put it into practice.
  • “Obedience is the mother of true knowledge of God.” – John Calvin
  • God’s Word can only grow in the soil of obedience.
  • The effectiveness of our Bible Study will be seen in our attitudes and behavior.
  • The best way to LEARN it is to DO it.
  • Responding to God’s Word always has a PRACTICAL application.