Sunday Recap 3.23.14

CHOOSE TO LOVESeries:  Live it. Love it. Light it up!

Message Title: Choose to Love

Text: 1 John 3:11-24

Countdown Music: Love Revolution by NewSong

Setlist: Marvelous Light, Lead Me to the Cross, Here I Am to Worship, Not to Us, Choose (original song by Travis Shaw)

From the Message: 

  • Love is what makes us DIFFERENT.
  • The distinguishing mark of a believer is not the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the bumper stickers on our cars, or our Sunday habits… it is LOVE.
  • We know that HATE is the opposite of LOVE, but what we probably don’t realize is that a lack of love leads to jealousy and envy, and jealousy and envy lead to HATE
  •  Murder didn’t make Cain a SINNER. Cain’s SIN made him a murderer.
  •  A lack of love is an open invitation to the evil one to gain a stronghold of hate in your life.
  • The strongest way to ABIDE is to CHOOSE TO LOVE.
  • Love has an EXPRESSION.
  • Jesus is our example and His love was…EXTRAVAGANT, UNSELFISH, SACRIFICIAL, and PROACTIVE.
  • Love always has a COST.
  • If it cost you nothing, you are not truly loving.
  • Love gives us CONFIDENCE.
  • Love brings confidence before GOD, OTHERS, and in PRAYER.
  • God’s GRACE is greater than our GUILT.
  • Do you seek TO LOVE or to BE LOVED? Because one walks across the floor while the other sits in the corner.
  • The most loved person in the room is not the one who LOOKS LIKE A MILLION BUCKS, but the one who MAKES EVERYONE AROUND THEM FELL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS.