Sunday Recap 3.16.14

Higher GroundSeries: Live it. Love it. Light it up!

Sermon Title: Higher Ground

Text: 1 John 2:28-3:10

Countdown Music: Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder

Worship Set List: God’s Not Dead; Jesus, Son of God; You Revive Me; Where the Spirit of the Lord Is; None But Jesus

From the Message: 

  • A lot of us are living at a level of life that is far below that which God purchased us for.
  • We are not being held back by our CIRCUMSTANCES, we are being held back by our SIN.
  • We have a HIGHER CALLING.
  • We have been adopted by one who has “the name above every other name”. We honor that name by living as He did.
  • Jesus is called THE RIGHTEOUS ONE (2:1). It naturally follows that His children would also practice righteousness.
  • We have a HIGHER HOPE.
  • Our hope is GLORIFICATION. In the meantime we submit to SANCTIFICATION.
  • Salvation is not the FINISH LINE. Salvation is the STARTING LINE.
  • We have a HIGHER STANDARD.
  • Purity is not a REWARD but a QUALIFICATION.
  • The purpose of salvation is to take the chains off of us.
  • Sin is not to be DABBLED in, but DETHRONED.
  • Faith is not something you BELIEVE. Faith is something you MANIFEST.
  • “It’s never wrong to wish for more, but it is wrong to settle for less”. – Travis Shaw, Worship Leader
  • We have a HIGHER FREEDOM.
  • Jesus is LIGHT and light expels DARKNESS. If Jesus is in you the darkness HAS to flee!
  • There is no such thing as “sinless perfection” this side of heaven, but sin is no longer the norm.
  • Every time I am tempted there is freedom available in Jesus Christ. To believe otherwise is to minimize the power of the cross.
  • The reason the Son of God appeared was to DESTROY the work of Satan!