More on Pride…

This past Sunday at LifeJourney we began a new sermon series called SEVEN.  Here are a few thoughts from the first deadly sin….pride:

  • If we are going to defeat pride, we have to get some perspective. That means we have to turn from inward thinking to outward thinking.
  • First, we must turn away from self and toward God. God is God, and we are not. All you have to do is observe creation for just a moment and realize that the awesomeness of God cannot even be fathomed, much less attained.
  • Second, we must turn towards others. The Bible says we should always think of others as better than ourselves. There is absolutely no room for pride when we are doing that.
  • Third, we must turn towards wisdom. Wisdom can be found in the young, the old, books, media, wherever. Seek out a mentor and be deliberate about adding wisdom to your life.
  • I made a statement Sunday that I want to expand on. I said, “If you have ever left a church because your feelings got hurt, the first thing you need to do is repent of your pride.”
  • I’m not saying that you weren’t wronged. I’m not saying that it didn’t hurt. What I am saying is that IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! This Church is about building God’s Kingdom. We are imperfect people serving God alongside other imperfect people and from time to time people are going to say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, or not do anything at all! And it will hurt. Our identity does not come from how other people treat us, it comes from our relationship with Jesus Christ.We have to get over ourselves!

Here is the sermon schedule for SEVEN:

  • October 17th – Hope in Place of Greed
  • October 24th – Love in Place of Lust
  • October 31st – Justice in Place of Anger
  • November 7th – Temperance in Place of Gluttony
  • November 14th – Faith in Place of Envy
  • November 21st – Courage in Place of Sloth

We have officially launched the new website for the church. It is still under construction, and we are in the process of adding some things to it, but for now you can check out the progress at

That’s it for now! Looking forward to what God is going to do this week at LifeJourney Church!