Looking back at Sunday, August 29th…

Here are some random thoughts about yesterday…

  • Great service yesterday! Greg and Heidi did an awesome job and you could really see the imprint God has left on their hearts for the people of Haiti!
  • We raised $800.00 in the love offering as well as $1,200 in monthly pledges! Way to go LifeJourney!!
  • Thanks again to the LifeJourney Worship Team…Awesome job guys! Thanks for leading us into God’s presence every Sunday.
  • Don’t forget that AWANA kicks off Wednesday night with a Beach Party!

A few words about Children’s Church…

  • We need volunteers to help us out with Children’s Church! Greg and Darlene Gilreath are doing this ministry every Sunday and we are thankful for them! But what this means is that they do not get to participate in the morning worship service. We feel that Children’s Church is vital to the overall health of our church and cannot be sacrificed, but Greg and Darlene cannot do it all themselves. They will burnout quickly, not to mention that they will be trying to feed our kids from a point of their own spiritual hunger. That doesn’t work!
  • To be honest folks, THIS SHOULD NOT BE in a church our size! We should be able to have a rotation of volunteers so that no one is constantly running on empty! Can you help out just one Sunday a month?
  • Some people will say, “Well, when I was raising my kids, they sat still right next to me in church and behaved!” True, and that is why many of them aren’t in church today!
  • Children do not learn the same way adults do. Dr. James Dobson has actually said it is cruel to make a young child sit still and be quiet for an hour. They are not designed to do so!
  • If parents have to wrestle with their kids for an hour, they are not getting anything out of the service either! That means that neither child nor parent are getting anything out of a Sunday morning worship experience. What we have really done is waste their time.
  • Children’s Church is a vital ministry, but we need volunteers to make it happen! What is God asking you to do?
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