Looking back at Sunday…

Here is a review and some random thoughts on this past Sunday…

  • Seven people made decisions for Jesus Christ yesterday! THAT is why we are here!!
  • I am so thankful for the team God has put around me at LifeJourney! We could not have made yesterday happen without them!
  • Death is a reality. We must all come to grips with our mortality! Psalm 89:48
  • Noralee and I really did own a Buick at one time, but we don’t watch Jeopardy 😉 
  • When our bodies die our souls continue on to either one side or the other of a fixed chasm. Your destination in eternity cannot be changed, but it is decided on this side!
  • The time will come! But we do not get to put it on our calendars. That was the absolute truth about my brother-in-law David: athletic, active, full of life ,and died from a heart attack at 27.
  • I am thankful David was ready. Are you?
  • Hell is real and hell is permanent!
  • The greatest torment in hell will not be the pain and agony, but the reality that you are separated from God with no hope of ever being in His presence again!
  • Hell is a choice!
  • A loving God paid the highest price possible so that you don’t have to go to hell!!!
  • Jesus has defeated Satan, hell, death, and the grave!! Make every effort to take your place at His table! Luke 13:23-28
  • Jesus rose from the grave and so will I! Jesus has taken the sting out of death and the grave!! Halleluiah!!!1 Corinthians 15:50-56
  • Quinn and the worship team did this song as our closing song yesterday. Take this time right now to worship the God who has conquered hell and death!!